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So close to finishing!

February 26, 2006


Okay, I am not finished with my Clapotis, but I am veeeeeeery close! I do not want to whine and say I did not have enough time, and instead will use those setbacks as a lesson in knitting my projects up as fast as possible just in case. If you did not figure it out […]

My Lovely Girl Has Gone to Play

February 21, 2006


Tonight just minutes before 9PM-EST, I cried good-bye grudgingly to Hayley. Even though she seemed to be on her way to recovery, she took a turn for the worse this evening and passed away in my arms. I repeatedly begged her not to leave me, but her body was too tired to continue. When Rich […]

Bargains, my Hayley, and Knitting

February 19, 2006


Okay, I am tired today after working at Ruth’s store. But it is a GOOD tired. I was able to help a few folks out with their knitting and crocheting projects. With the 40% discount on the yarn (except for her $2 skeins/hanks and the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free items) and the 50% discount […]

We interrupt this Clapotis for an emergency hat and shawl… (Long post!)

February 18, 2006


I am being bad in not following up on my Clapotis, but we had a couple of events this week that caught us off guard. Early morning on Monday, our friends’ father/FIL passed away. He had Parkinson’s Disease and had fallen so hard that he was taken to the hospital. It turned out that he […]

V (Heart) Day and a Snag in the Clapotis –> UPDATE!

February 14, 2006


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I am sharing a sky-shot tribute to Sandy that I hope you could appreciate… And I have run into a snag while finishing the first ball (all 313 yards of it, BABY!) of my Clapotis. I never noticed until last night that the frogged yarn is more weathered than the unused […]

Clapotis with ADD… Who, me??

February 12, 2006


For years it has been suggested in my family that I may have Attention Difficiency Disorder. I im interested in so many subjects and topics, that college classes would be a hit-and-miss and my want to be a Renaissance master seemed pretty possible. In fact, I have always said that if I came into a […]