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October Sprints

November 14, 2011


I had just sat down at my computer ready to talk about what I thought was the last couple of weeks when it dawned on me — yesterday marked one month since my trip to Hartford, WEBS Yarn Store, Leyden Glen Farm, and Rhinebeck’s NY Sheep and Wool Festival. Knowing that I am over a […]

A Celebration for SomeBunny

October 24, 2011


Today marks two years and a month of my big decision to leave Rhode Island and come to Virginia (September 24th, 2009). Today also is a week before the two-year anniversary of that move to Blacksburg (October 31st, 2009). Many people crossed my path in this short time period, but their effect on me has […]

Stocking the Kitchen

September 26, 2011


Originally, I wanted to name this post, “What’s in your Fridge?” Then I changed fridge to pantry. Realizing that some folks do not have a pantry, I finally settled on the current title. It is amazing how carefully chosen words can make the difference in understanding a writer’s thoughts. Anyway, the reason this post title […]

Security Loses as Arrogance Rears and Kicks

September 7, 2011


Folks may consider my need for privacy a surprise, but I am a firm believer in it. One always needs a place where eyes will not judge what is said, done, and eaten. Security is the wall that privacy depends upon. When security is compromised, bad surprises may happen. For the past few months, I […]

How Karma Ignites the Soul

June 27, 2011


Yesterday, I met up with a new group of women at my favorite area coffee shop — Aromas at City Center — for some Sunday knitting. It turned out that one of them needed a ride to a doctor’s appointment for this morning. For some odd reason without hesitation, I offered to take her. I […]

A Block on Creativity

May 12, 2011


I have been stuck in this rut on writing as of late due to all sorts of items tugging at me for attention. Because most of these items are quite personal and not in the positive of light, I refuse to share such things out in the open. Some people might see that I am […]