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Honoring Life Cycles

July 30, 2013


Here I am, writing my monthly post. With each passing day I discover loads of topics to discuss, but find a lack of words to share my thoughts concisely. During the past few weeks Death has made appearances, work deadlines have been reached, and I have not met certain personal goals (the thank you notes […]

Reflecting and Learning on Changes

February 4, 2013


In last month’s post I discussed the whys on my disappearance of being online. The feedback I received has been incredible. Close friends gave me a “thumbs up” on my decision to lock and close my Facebook and Twitter accounts because as an individual person, I was being too public and not as one entitled […]

Why TNNA Has a Powerful Draw

July 2, 2012


A week ago I was leaving Columbus, OH after having a fabulous time at The National Needlearts Association‘s Summer Session. The reasons for being there were work-related, but that did not mean I could not enjoy myself either. Many folks have asked me about what exactly happens at TNNA and what goes into all of […]

Changes Make a Good Long Post

May 18, 2012


Exactly a month ago on Wednesday April 18th, I was checking out a new opportunity that involved my driving through Charlotte, NC to Atlanta, GA. The beginning of the day was a bit stressful that morning due to Bashful Bunny’s death and my front driver’s flat tire being deader than a doornail. When my husband […]

Customers Are Smarter than you Think

March 12, 2012

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I have been musing on all sorts of topics that need to be written and discussed. Besides the musings, there is work, there are ideas that I want to bring into fruition, and there are my loves — the bunnies (all *5* of them), food, drink, and crafting. Friday I spotted the following Tweet and […]

MyTime – Unwisely Spent

February 3, 2012


Sometimes there is nothing that can be said without any negativity on an experience, especially when money and time is involved. For the past week I have been trying to find the best words to describe my attending the “MyTime Women’s Show” last weekend and still have angst about it. For now I am going […]