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3 Little Words for 2012

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As I remind myself once again that January is here and that I still have not chosen my final word for the 2012 trio, the word “FEAR” comes to me. It does not arrive in style, but rather it screams like a banshee that has been set lose out on Halloween night. The other two words I had chosen earlier came much more quickly: inspire and relationship.

The ability to inspire is powerful. I am constantly seeing others’ actions and want to emulate them. This year I started helping out the wonderful Ashleigh at the Virginia Rabbit Rescue and I love it. I am continually amazed at seeing her working so hard at the shelter while being 8 months pregnant. Already the socializing I am doing for the shyer bunnies has helped make them more adoptable. In being inspired, I hope to inspire others this year too by my actions and words. Beginning in February I teach knitting and crocheting to those who are interested. I also offer consultations and provide online services to those who find themselves in need of getting their social presence established or increased.

A relationship can reflect your ties to another person, a career path, lifestyle, even yourself. What a healthy relationship depends on is respect. For my case, I need to work on the relationship I have with my body/health. My numbers were not as great as they were last time. I really need to crack down and start working out to match my eating habits. The relationships I have with everything else will fall into place as soon as I can respect myself. With that in mind, I know that keeping an open mind about online marketing is important for the relationships between myself, my clients, their current customers and especially their future customers. Last to mention but by no means the least, in my life as a hoppily-married bunny I know that the strong relationship I have with my lifetime BFF is the most cherished one of all. My Crafty Wineaux is definitely the center of my world. <3 With fear comes caution and trepidation. If we were all scared to try anything, there would be no inventions, new ideas, and bravery. Everyone would just stay home and never leave. After what I went through 2 years ago, I refuse to fear all of life’s little things. Fears will be tackled, pinned down, and owned. I will not let the fear of using “expensive” yarn, trying difficult patterns, high-end ingredients, new recipes, driving hundreds of miles to see friends, or saying “no” to intimidate me. Life is too short to be scared.


Now, are you ready for my stashbusting goal for this year? I cannot purchase any yarn or fiber until I have at least the following finished:
Yarn usage goal – 15 hats, 4 sweaters/vests, 6 pairs of socks/slippers/handwarmers, and 8 shawls/scarves/blankets
Fiber usage goal – 2 pounds

Let’s see how long it takes for me to fall off the wagon and buy yarn. Of course it does help that my BFF can buy yarn for me… =:8

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