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Turning Right Instead of Left

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As I sat in my car to leave KFC’s parking lot, I looked at the oncoming flood of traffic. Needing to make a left-hand turn to go home, it dawned on me. “Why not make a right-hand turn and take an alternate way? It might be a little longer in distance, or even longer in time, but I would not have to sit here and dawdle, which then makes me seethe, and then stresses me out. I mean, just why not?” So I did.

Seeing this approach, I immediately matched the similarity to my own life. I am so dependent and focused on finding a job in order to get my life on track, that I have failed to question why not do something else. Why not go ahead and start turning the wheels elsewhere? Why not piece the puzzle in the central section instead of starting with all the edges? Why should I wait for that left-hand turn when traffic is obviously heavy and will not ebb anytime soon?

With renewed purpose, I am going ahead and doing what I need to do in order to move on with my life by continuing without that left-hand turn. If it turns out that I do land a job which does not allow any kind of commute from my house, I will address the left-hand turn when it happens. Meanwhile I have given myself an initial 10 days to address the following:

  • Re-writing my “About Me” page to include my job interests and career passions
  • Ramping up my knowledge of the CISA examination questions
  • Contacting and networking more with folks with the same career goals
  • Revamping my exercise routine to include weight lifting
  • Jotting down the recipes which I have created since my Type 2 diagnosis
  • Diabetes check up at the Hallett Center
  • Getting my personal home projects in order

One close friend stated to me after I told him of my epiphany, “Right now you have time to get so many things done that you will not have when you do find that job. You should do as much as you can as if you are going to start working next week.” By gosh, my friend Jason is right! =:8

Ironically, this entry almost became a podcast. I used my iPhone’s Voice Memos application to create the draft. After hearing myself speak on the recording, I toyed with the idea of uploading whatever audio notes I used for future written posts. Would it be good to include the audio, or would having the final blog entry be enough? Of course that would mean I need to figure out how to export the audio… 😉

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  1. I often find myself moving in the direction that keeps me busy as I can’t bare to be sitting still. 🙂 I also whole heartedly agree with your friend. Especially if you start a really big project which be annoying to be stopped in the middle of. Then Murphy’s law could deem it necessary to interrupt you. Or you will have something large crossed off your list by the time the new job comes along. I am digging your new layout.

  2. The secret is that all paths will get us where we need to go, and we get to choose which one every time.

    Also, try uploading the audio…worst case is that nobody listens to it, at at least you will have figured out how.

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