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Technology, Food, and a Play

August 20, 2006


I have an excuse for not posting yesterday for Saturday Sky. A week or so ago, I accidentally yanked out the power pack’s cord to my laptop while I was typing away on it. I did not pay much attention to the matter until I plugged the cord back into the port and realized that […]

Lots of Knitting with the Bunnies

August 18, 2006


I know I have not posted all week. I have a good excuse: I have been knitting and working out. Most of the knitting has been the requested Christmas sweater from Sir Paul. Paul arrived last night from San Francisco to celebrate his mother’s birthday and make a quick visit with us buds. He and […]

A Long Post about 7 Days of Yarn Shops

August 12, 2006


Yes, you read correctly — one ENTIRE week! I have been known to be obsessive compulsive. And my Secret Pal 8 Spoiler must know so, because she sent me this fantastic postcard. I did not find it until recently when I had dug into the pile of snail mail (all our statements are online, so […]

Incentive for Spreadin’ the News

August 9, 2006


Just a quick reminder for those in the New England area (or anyone else interested) going to the Boston Knit-out and Crochet for 2006 at the Commons. Last year, I worked at BKOAC as a set-up volunteer then stayed on to sit at the Blogger Table to help out Patience. I am on the Committee […]

Thief in the House

August 5, 2006


Lately the bunnies have been stealing. Not really stuff from us, but more like from each other. An example is when I feed Jessica and Zydeco their hay, each will think the other has a better piece (like a clover head), so a snatch-from-the-mouth battle ensues. It is actually quite funny to watch, because when […]

No Walking, Just Packages! (Heavy pictures)

August 3, 2006


Hel-looooooo AU-GUST! (Sorry, the Animaniacs’ DVD commercial was on again. I just cannot help myself!) The last month of Project Spectrum is finally upon us, and promises to be full of neutrality. Ironically the greys, browns, and whites do not come to mind, instead battles between sworn enemies appear. So a distraction is in order. […]