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Invigorating Nostalgia

6, January 2017

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The obvious tale my website spins is that I have been undergoing a number of changes in my life. Applying my field of technology experience to the yarn industry since I began blogging in 2002 is one. The huge personal life changes are meeting BFF and my daughter’s birth. All three were instrumental when I […]

Kneeling to the Summit – Knit Talk 2011/08/10

10, August 2011

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Well we did it. A week ago sock knitters everywhere were still celebrating, mourning their leaving, gnashing their teeth at not attending, or chatting about who was where at Sock Summit. In honor of the conference a small group of us had decided to knit a pair of socks in the four days of Sock […]

2 Socks in 4 Days — We Are Nuts – Knit Talk 2011/07/21

21, July 2011

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Back on July 7th, I announced on Ravelry, Facebook (are we friends yet?), Google+ (if we aren’t in each other circles, let’s do it!), and Twitter (do we follow each other?) that Jennifer Wendell and I decided to console ourselves for not being at Sock Summit (again) by knitting ourselves a pair of socks during […]

Predictibly Unpredictable: Knitting Olympics 2010

11, February 2010


For those who know my little head, I am consistently changing my mind when the scenario calls for it. I tell folks that I am adapting to my surroundings by instinct. Others say that I am just being a woman. No matter what the topic, I do come back to the beginning, just like Inigo […]

Knitters in Social Media as Team Players

24, November 2009


Recently Chris Brogan tweeted that leaders in social media should be inspired to act as if in a team sport. I had to laugh while reading those words, and did so heartily. I know of many examples of where knitters easily demonstrated what it is like to be a team player. How do these events […]

A Rockstar Arrives at WEBS

1, May 2008

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I’m not through with knitting Clapotis Or yarn clubs I’ll never get in It’s like the toe of the sock That I’m never gonna graft This life has turned out like the way I want it to be (Tell me what you want) I’d like a fixed up house in a ‘Ronto hood And a […]