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Tickling the Senses

November 9, 2007


Many, many thanks for everyone’s kind words in my last vent. I hope it is not seen that I want sympathy. Rather than internalizing my feelings, writing them out is my way to release a bad aura for a fresh new one. Life as usual has been busy, but we ALL are busy, so it […]

Representing Takes Time

March 17, 2007


If my co-workers never thought I was a “crazy knitter” before, they definitely do now! All last week the developers whose software application I test were in town. Each day was spent reviewing new changes, revamping current processes, and running them for the better. Each night was spent for team-bonding: Monday was Boston Billiards, Tuesday […]

Swaps, Charity, and KALs

February 24, 2007


Thursday night was for the RI Stitches Meetup group at the Providence Place Borders Bookstore Cafe. There were ten other folks besides myself, all zealously passionate about our knitting. I had both sock projects to work on. We had a fun little stash exchange in Yankee-swap style. I brought a white ribbon shawl kit along […]

Celebrating the Holidays (Part 2 of 2)

January 1, 2007


I know, I know. I am HOURS late. Call it my re-discovering of “Filipino Time” when certain folks arrive late so as to make a dramatic entrance. I did have great reasons though. Specifically FIVE (3 people and 2 dogs). And if the photos are not displaying, that is due to my not uploading them […]

Saturday Sky on my Birthday :)

November 25, 2006


I present to you a Virginia Beach Saturday Sky, courtesy of my sister’s back yard. After days of rain and wind, there are no clouds in the sky on this beautiful day. My time off is quickly ebbing like the tide disappearing into the ocean. Luckily I have been able to celebrate this week with […]

Nothing Gold Can Stay

October 25, 2006


Lately I have made many references to the leaves changing from their summer green to autumn shades. The transition reminds me that nothing lasts forever, whether it be good times, blue periods, or boring episodes. So here are some tangents on the topic. I must be a progress knitter, because I do enjoy the rhythm […]