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The Ides marks 45 days

March 16, 2006

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I sat and did a quick calculation of how much time I had left before Simon’s Christening, and realized that I had exactly 45 days to get Margie’s afghan and Simon’s sweater/blanket done. In the middle of those projects, I also have 2 other baby sweaters and my cousin’s family of hats to knit up. […]

I admit to fiber obesity

March 13, 2006


(Here is a cross from a post I wrote on the Stashalong) I seriously need a yarn diet. Anyone know a good “trainer” to get me back in shape? Because I was paid in yarn while working the weekends at my LYS from last September until this past February, I figured each week gave me […]

Fiber updates

March 12, 2006


With the hullaboo going on, I managed some fiber-related items. 1) Washed my Clapotis, which resulted in loosing its ripples 🙁 2) Decreasing the final rows of Mrs. Nicols’ pink Marble Clapotis 3) Gave my final condolences to Ruth for her store’s closing 4) Organized my Stash into my new bins 5) Layed out all […]

Murphy’s Law NEVER Fails!

March 8, 2006


Remember yesterday morning when I brought my camera to work and forgot the memory stick? And remember me asking for crossed fingers because it looks like trouble is in the future? Trouble arrived with a capital “T” and all was not well on what it had in store for us. Rich contacted me at work, […]

In honor of March 17th…

March 7, 2006


Please note, that this joke is intended to show where tempers can be inherited from. I have been told many times that I could EASILY be Irish! Three men were sitting together recounting how they had given their new wives duties. The first man had married a woman from Albania and boasted that he had […]


March 7, 2006


Okay, I brought my camera into work this morning so I could get a quick photo of the Clappy, and look what I did… I forgot the make sure a memory stick was in the camera! Sorry ya’ll. I will try again when I get home today. 🙁 With that said, cross your fingers and […]