From “Charlie’s Angels” to “Sex and the City”

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Because Rhode Island is such a small state, folks tend to be close-knit and not too keen on outsiders from elsewhere. Even though Rich has family here, I am not included in the ladies’ gatherings for lunches and tea because I work full-time during the day. Only once was I invited, and that was because I was briefly out of work inbetween Fidelity Investments and my place of employment now. The people that I did befriend seemed to have faded in the woodwork of family life, so left to loosing my mind, moving back to Virginia after divorcing Rich, or finding someone that I could relate to, I chose the latest. These new friends are the ones who keep me sane in this crazy part of the world. I have described each one in their order of appearance in my life on another full page.

On June 10th, the Sex and the City group had an evening without the boys. I picked up Cathy and Lisa, then drove to Coventry’s Cafe Romanzo to meet up with Rasha. Lisa and Cathy had dined there before, and raved about the menu. Rasha and I were new to the place, and were looking forward to a night of adventure in the outdoor patio. All of us were dressed smartly and had fun chowing down on appetizers and gulping our drinks. At some point we did leave the restaurant to do a little shopping, then piled at Cathy’s to watch some shows. The rest is a little fuzzy, but I woke up at 7:00 in the morning in Lisa’s guest room. I had a flashback taking me to my mid-20’s. Yikes!

Well, I guess you all can agree… A much needed girls’ bonding night was conceived, planned, and executed. =:8

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