Enjoying the Silence with 3 Words for 2016
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Enjoying the Silence with 3 Words for 2016

Last year, I kicked off 2015 with the “My 3 Words for 2015” post on the (now closed) “somebunnyslove.me” blog. I proudly can share that I successfully managed to implement those words (water, wake, release) into my daily life. Now that we are forty-five (45) days into 2016, I guess it is time I released…

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Tasting Rowan Yarn’s Latest Treats

I know that I mentioned a little something I had been planning for a long while: hosting a yarn tasting party in my home. “Yarn tasting?” People eat yarn? hehe… No, not quite. A yarn tasting is when a knitter or crocheter can sample a yarn before buying it. Think of it as a test…