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My Timing Is off (again!)

September 28, 2006


With all the terrorist scares and precautions in America’s airports, here is a funny little blurb about a flier who attempted to state his humble opinion of the TSA. Go ahead, read it and come back. I am sure at least a smile will appear on your face. Now that I made you chuckle, I […]

Talking about Tea, Lace, and the KOAC

September 26, 2006


For those who are unaware, I am participating in the Second Round of the Knitters’ Tea Swap. I had missed the first exchange, and I am looking forward to this one. I started drinking tea years ago, about the same time I was smoking cigars (before it became acceptable for women to smoke them) and […]

More Deep Breaths

September 24, 2006


We are taking this lifebreak opportunity to update you on some recent events and to remind you of future ones. Included in this entry: WIPs/FOs, baseball, and the BKOAC… Let us begin! First and foremost, the Boston Knit-out and Crochet event for 2006 will begin in the Bandstand Gazebo area at 12PM sharp. I am […]

Another Blog Convert and Baseball

September 21, 2006


I did it! I talked Rasha into creating a blog so she can update everyone when she goes away to Nepal. This amazing woman has temporarily dropped from the engineering world and is going on a religious sabbatical. She has a choice to hike Mount Everest up to their base camp, which is 12000 feet […]

Clunking around Gracefully

September 19, 2006


Today while I drove back from Yarnia to get that last hank for finishing Rasha’s Icarus, I realized that I needed to get a more stable exercise habit. Granted, there is “Walk and Knit” at Borders and yoga at FocuspointRI, but at $12 a session, yoga is expensive over my little yarn budget. I decided […]

An Incredibly Crazy Week (another long post)

September 17, 2006


Here is yesterday’s Saturday Sky before the day began. On a previous post I stated that September is going to be a wild one for me. This week contained most of the craziness, and I will try to touch base on everything without gushing too much. Hopefully I will final catch up on Bloglines today […]