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Fixating on Improvement

2, December 2016

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People often try to better their lives at least once. For some like me, obtaining near perfection (because reaching that goal is truly unrealistic) is an obsession that rears its ugly head in various forms. The induced stress can make or break our minds. If we can direct the stress to positive channels, great! But […]

Tasting Rowan Yarn’s Latest Treats

28, January 2014


I know that I mentioned a little something I had been planning for a long while: hosting a yarn tasting party in my home. “Yarn tasting?” People eat yarn? hehe… No, not quite. A yarn tasting is when a knitter or crocheter can sample a yarn before buying it. Think of it as a test […]

Why TNNA Has a Powerful Draw

2, July 2012


A week ago I was leaving Columbus, OH after having a fabulous time at The National Needlearts Association‘s Summer Session. The reasons for being there were work-related, but that did not mean I could not enjoy myself either. Many folks have asked me about what exactly happens at TNNA and what goes into all of […]

Customers Are Smarter than you Think

12, March 2012

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I have been musing on all sorts of topics that need to be written and discussed. Besides the musings, there is work, there are ideas that I want to bring into fruition, and there are my loves — the bunnies (all *5* of them), food, drink, and crafting. Friday I spotted the following Tweet and […]

Cutting Business Relationships

16, January 2012


Sometimes it takes a series of events to improve the relationship you have with yourself and others. Months ago I had spoken about how compromising can be damaging to relationships. The two prime examples I used were my sanity in New England and Julius’ safety from an aggressive bunny. When I realized I was compromising […]