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My Nibbles… She was a beautiful girl who never failed to bring a smile to our faces.

In August 2005 we had to ‘help’ her at the vet’s office for the walk over the “Rainbow Bridge” where she now waits for us. Three months before in March 2005, a strange illness attacked Nibbles’ hind legs. None of the area rabbit veterinarians could figure out what was wrong with her. Her bloodwork showed no signs of a parasite, and her bones were perfectly fine. At first her hops looked more like a shuffle, then the shuffling became heavier, and finally Nibbles was dragging her body around our bedroom and became incontinent. All the while, she still loved her treats, hay and messing with me when I sat down on the floor to knit and crochet. When I came back from my Lola’s funeral in late June, the experience made me realize how much Nibbles was missing in her life and cemented our decision to relieve my dear Princess from her unhappy state. Until the moment she left I spent almost all my time with her to tell her how much I loved her.

How we came to adopt Nibbles is a short story in itself. We had just adopted Zydeco as a bondmate for Jessica a couple of months before seeing her. I was away visiting my parents during July 4th weekend in 2003 and Rich spotted her at PetSmart’s Adoptables. He knew that I wanted a big black bunny to love, and called me. She was going to be “My Girl” as Jessi was “Richie’s Girl.”

Nibbles Watching Baseball