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The word itself has one think of cute and cuddly soft-furred animals with long ears, fluffy puffed tails, and big sweet ever-adoring eyes. Hah! That is what these sly little devils WANT you to think. Little did you know that their agenda is like Brain’s: to take over the world one sucker at a time. Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue will agree too!!
…And I have completely fallen as one of their victims. In fact, I have even convinced my husband Rich, to allow FIVE of these little critters for us to worhip and adore in our home. I even volunteer at education seminars in stores.


And for those who are thinking about having a rabbit, here is a great link to read. I call this site Bunny Language 101

To borrow a fellow bun-lover’s term, our “fur kids” are in order of their arrival into our lives…

Jessica (the 1st and oldest): Dutch rabbit in white and grey markings

Zydeco: Japanese Harlequin and Polish rabbit with his calico colors

Nibbles: Standard Rex rabbit in her soft black velvet coat
NOTE: We released Nibbles on the Rainbow Bridge’s path on August 4th. I used the entire month of July to tell her how much we loved her and were glad she came into our lives. The picture of her here was during Christmas 2003 in our bedroom suite at the beach-house, Following Seas. :'(

Caesar and Hayley
Hayley: white albino New Zealand mix with pinkish lavender eyes (rescued with Caesar and 5 others) and leg problems
Caesar: white albino New Zealand mix with reddish pink eyes (possibly Hayley’s younger half sibling) and helicopter ears