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Time for Secret Pal!

June 11, 2006


What a great surprise when I arrived home to see a fat green envelope with my name on it. The kelly green reminds me of shamrocks on Saint Patrick’s Day and of soft grass under your feet. I started to tear into the opening, and ended up fighting with the envelope’s seal. I pulled and […]

Dead Broke but Still Excited

June 10, 2006


Okay, the following paragraph was what I originally wrote for you. Since then, there have been a few adjustments to the schedule including that my server was down at Host Matters all morning, but I really didn’t want to rewrite the whole fargan thing. Why? The whole set of emotions that I was hoping for […]

Hooking up with News

June 7, 2006


I have a few links that I like to review because either they make me smile or they make me think. As of late, I noticed that they are piling up, and I should mention them now or else they may become a “stash” pile. In order of alphabetic appearance, I give you: Word […]

Is that my Mojo I Spy?

June 5, 2006


In trying to unclutter my cluttered life one piece at a time, I sat down late Friday evening and continued working on the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. So far, I am on my fourth set of repeats, and debating on knitting the required 6 for the scarf or the 10 for the full shawl. Since the […]

Shrunken Bun Meets Low Mojo

June 2, 2006


When Helene and I arrived for yoga yesterday, we were met with a surprise cancellation. Rasha had been taking care of her roommate’s dog while he was out on business, and the pup had hurt its leg. Since the poor dog had been acting strangely for the past couple of days, she took it to […]