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My 3 Words for 2017

9, December 2016

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If there is one habit I picked up and still follow, it is selecting “My three words” to guide me through the upcoming year. This tradition of sorts began with Chris Brogan of Owner Media, whom I met at Boston’s Podcamp in 2009 thanks to Guido Stein. The purpose of this philosophical exercise is to […]

What Is the Meaning of Quarter to Ten?

22, September 2014

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For the past year, I have been setting an alarm to ring daily at 09:45 AM. This alarm’s purpose is a quick check to see what tasks I have accomplished, especially when there are so many to keep track. My plan is to reach long-standing goals by tackling the little tasks that will build toward […]

Facing Permanent Farewells

9, August 2013


This week has been a little stressful, and not because of SlytherBun’s growth spurt or work. On Sunday I finally accepted that Julius was tired of living with his painful arthritis and clogged tear ducts. Making the decision to help him hop to the Rainbow Bridge’s Great Meadow was a necessary one for his peace. […]

Being 30 and Loving Life

30, April 2013


A few months ago, a giant life-changing event happened for BFF and myself. Because of it, I immediately began thinking in terms of a private recluse and only shared the event’s news with people who would seem to care. Work has been cut back to a select number, and outings were drastically reduced. Now that […]

Why ‘F’ Words Are Bombs

9, April 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I was faced with a life-changing experience that altered my own life’s viewpoint. The experience was not mine in which to own, but it was close enough that I analyzed everything around me and gratefully considered myself lucky. That is when I realized my important “F” words: family, friends, fiber, […]

Want over Need

3, June 2009


I have been dwelling on what topics to discuss for months, and how to write out the thoughts that appear in my head. Sure I could report on the woolly gatherings and adventures, yet sometimes I want to write something from the heart. Recently a friend had forwarded a quote to me by Abraham-Hicks Publications. […]