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It’s All in the Risk

26, March 2012


When I signed up to write a guest post for Ruth, I thought I had selected a topic that was easy-peasy. After much debate and with current political issues screaming for attention, I became indecisive on which one of the major decisions I made in these past 2-1/2 years was the biggest risk. Finally I […]

Love’s Snags Cut Deeply

24, February 2011


There is a poem that I was required to know for my second year of French class. To this day I still can speak its haunting first sentences in both English and French: “It rains in my heart like it rains in the city. What is this pain that has penetrated my heart?” During STITCHES […]

Satisfying the Unsettled

25, February 2010


Sometimes I feel like there is something “off” inside. It could be my mind, heart, or even my whole body. Whatever the case, a dose of comfort beckons me. Recently I found myself lunching at Hokkaido Buffet in the hope that their prepared foods would soothe my soul. As I tasted my selections, I reflected […]

Trying Something New

27, September 2009


It has been some time since I wrote from the heart. My thoughts and feelings have been hidden for a reason, but now is the time to share some of them with everybunny. Many big changes have been occurring, and finally a decision has been made. Though it has been almost two months, I deeply […]