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Knitting in the Blue Ridge of Virginia – Knit Talk 2011/09/06

6, September 2011

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The past three weeks (has it really been THAT long??) have been a solid whirlwind that has kept me spinning like a top. Three Wednesdays ago, I drove from the southeastern side of Virginia, into the state’s southwestern area known as the New River Valley. There I was welcomed into the home of Merike Saarniit, […]

The Profit in Availability

4, August 2010


If there is one complaint that my area local businesses state, it is the lack of customers they see. Their complaints aggravate me to no end because these same businesses keep hours that only apply to folks with leisure time to spare, such as wealthy housewives or retirees with money to blow. For those full-time […]

Facing the Fear of Differences FTW

1, March 2010


On our little planet known as Earth, there are multiples of races and ethnicities abound. We all look a little different and have various lifestyles, but the one bond we have is our desire to help one another in times of need. Recently the earthquake in Haiti brought out the best in many of our […]

Making Eggs – Part 2

19, February 2010


As of late I have been dipping my foot (well, okay more like diving in head first) into areas that I have not been in touch with for years. My taking up of throwing darts has been a nice challenge. I find myself improving each week in every league match, and concentrating on form is […]

The Flight of Time

26, January 2010


Whew! Huge apologies to everybunny. I had looked at the calendar this morning and realized that I have not blogged for some time when I meant to do so each week. There have been a lot of events, some crazy some just plain fun, but all have been adventurous. I will do my best to […]

Filling 3 Bags for Charity

8, December 2009

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Gratitude and appreciation are often overlooked and taken for granted. Gina Bonomo Dugas of the Mosaic Yarn Shop in Blacksburg, VA was determined to remind everyone how luckily blessed we are. She conceived an idea to host an event that benefited not one, nor two, but three local charities: libraries, the local food bank, and […]