Knitting: Sir John’s Birthday Scarf

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Over the years I have designed patterns around particular yarns due to their drape, color, and texture. The yarns listed in the patterns below are recommended, but can be substituted with anything comparable in weight and length.


    Sir John: 2×2 Lace Rib Scarf, 50-inches Long
  • 1 hank Trendsetters’ Dali (2 if a larger scarf is desired) heavy worsted cashmere (165 yds /100g)
  • Size US8 (5.0mm) needles
  • Gauge: about 4-1/2 stitches per inch, 19 stitches over 10cm
  • Stitches used – picot cast on (requires cable cast on), purl front and back of stitch (PFB), purl, knit, knit 2 stitches together (K2T), yarnover (YO), mock cross cable of knitting in 2nd stitch on left needle then knitting in first needles (C2B), picot bind off (requires cable cast on)
    All S1 stitches are as if to purl with the yarn in front
    **Note** I happen to knit loose, so if the fabric seems tight, try using the recommended US9 (5.5mm) needle size for this yarn

    Create the fringe first to ensure no worries on running out of yarn. When I created my fringe, I used the width of a DVD case for size. 3 strands from each wrap around the width went to each picot.

    Cast on two stitches, then cast on for 6 picots at 2 stitches long apiece (desired look is 22 stitches with one stitch outside each ending picot along the sides)
    Row 01: S1, K2xP2 rib until last stitch, which should end as K1
    Row 02: S1, (K2T, YO)xP2 rib until last stitch, which should end as K1
    Row 03-06: S1, K2xP2 rib until last stitch, which should end as K1
    Row 07: S1, C2BxP2 rib until last stitch, which should end as K1
    Repeat Rows 01-07, ending at any row after Row 03, but not at Row 07 (Rows 03-06)
    Bind off using picot bind off and use 3 strands of fringe in each picot.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED – These copyrighted patterns are for personal use only, and may not be used for profit without pattern owner’s consent. Please contact Kimberly Nicdao Reynolds for more information or questions regarding these patterns.

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  1. Christine Guilman

    2, July 2013

    Hi Kimberly,

    We met through Eva Lam Sam in Blacksburg, VA. I was running a company, Bioque Skin Care. I met you and your now husband. I was doing some research today, remembered your blog name and decided to see what you were up these days. I find that you’ve married and have a beautiful new daughter. Congratulations and best wishes to all of you. You look and sound very happy and I’m glad to see that. You were right! Even though we fear the unknown of the unopened door, by facing our fears and walking through it, we often find an unexpected joy. Stay well and enjoy your life and family.

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