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More Thanks to Give

December 1, 2011


Now that one weight of news has occurred, here is another: on November 11th, my BFF and I decided to elope with only our parents present. Our original plan of having the wedding at our friends’ home in Meadows of Dan has been adjusted. Since our rings are on order, they will be blessed in […]


July 14, 2010


I have been pondering (obsessing is more like it) the definitions of the word “compromise” and the power that they yield. In one respect we come to an agreed status such as a battle where the opponents come to a cease fire. Another aspect is when self values and beliefs are held back between parties […]

Bringing Home the Bacon

April 18, 2010


Though I have many friends who not only gave up eating meat, but also gave up eating any animal products, I cannot do the same. Why? I have a love for ribeye steaks, boiled lobster and king crab, roasted lamb, and most and foremost — BACON. It would seem that I should share a recipe […]

Fascinations of a First Friday

April 4, 2010


Though I have been in Blacksburg since Halloween 2009, not until I met the folks at Main-Lee Art Gallery did the phrase “First Friday” ever reach my ears. The words reference an open house occurring once a month for art galleries across major cities in the United States. I was excited to participate in Main-Lee […]

An Uncommon White

September 8, 2009


The next wine meet up at Mary Elizabeth and Dan H’s offered a new twist: a white wine that did not contain chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, or pinot grigio. Not wanting to bring a predictable Riesling, Gewurztraminer, or Viognier, I went back to Bridgetown Meats and Catering to ask Larry. He suggested an Argentinian wine with […]

“Bring your Favorite Red”

September 4, 2009


A dish of munchable goodness and a bottle of red wine were requested in an email for the casual meet up of red wine fanciers. The location listed Thursday, September 3rd, at Ray Martin’s home. Wondering what to bring, I stumbled upon a fabulous food market, Bridgetown Meats and Catering, and to my delight met […]