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Twisting Tonsils with Scotch

April 28, 2010

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Somehow, since my move to Blacksburg I have become associated with a couple of groups who appreciate the finer things in life by way of art, play, food, and drink. When social media is added to the mix, poof! A crafty Bunny with dangerous tools comes to mind. To catch everybunny up to date, here […]

Bringing Home the Bacon

April 18, 2010


Though I have many friends who not only gave up eating meat, but also gave up eating any animal products, I cannot do the same. Why? I have a love for ribeye steaks, boiled lobster and king crab, roasted lamb, and most and foremost — BACON. It would seem that I should share a recipe […]

Dropping the D in Darts

April 13, 2010


It was obvious from my first visit to Main-Lee that this new mistress would require more of my attention than dart league. I had no idea that the hours would command such time though. At least I can spend Mondays and Tuesdays at the London Underground and see my friends there. (Or so I thought!) […]

Fascinations of a First Friday

April 4, 2010


Though I have been in Blacksburg since Halloween 2009, not until I met the folks at Main-Lee Art Gallery did the phrase “First Friday” ever reach my ears. The words reference an open house occurring once a month for art galleries across major cities in the United States. I was excited to participate in Main-Lee […]