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A Knitting Pirate Turns 40

November 29, 2009

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When I turned thirty-nine last year, I spent it alone against my wishes. I had never done so, and I was terrified. Richie was in his bowling league that night, and all my local pals were away on Thanksgiving break or had family visiting. Even the knit nights at the North Attleborough Borders and Sue’s […]

Knitters in Social Media as Team Players

November 24, 2009


Recently Chris Brogan tweeted that leaders in social media should be inspired to act as if in a team sport. I had to laugh while reading those words, and did so heartily. I know of many examples of where knitters easily demonstrated what it is like to be a team player. How do these events […]

Addressing a Niche Market of Knitters

November 17, 2009


For many weeks, I have been biting my tongue whenever I remembered the crime scene. I had walked into the Natick Mall Sears to participate in what I expected would be a busy 3-ring circus. Why the expectation? Lands End was hosting two of the knitting world’s rockstars, Kate Jacobs and Vickie Howell, in an […]

Making Eggs – Part 1

November 2, 2009


When I drove into Blacksburg on October 31st, it was not to play in the holiday festivities. I was coming into town to seek new opportunities and investigate what I had to do in order to go back to school. Due to financial circumstances, I did not bring the Boys as expected. Doing so was […]