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Representing with Others for a Friend

February 25, 2009


To be finally able to write about this project is a huge relief because I have been bursting to talk about it whenever I caught anybunny who would listen. There is a sense of pride bubbling from myself. It began with Amanda Cathleen‘s inspiration to comfort a friend who can be found in a dictionary […]

Lustfully Obsessing

February 20, 2009


Huge thanks to those who contacted me on my last post. Much debate took place in my head on whether or not to share the entry. Sometimes I am afraid of what folks might think of my feelings and thoughts. Then again, those folks who read my little blog are friends, and friends may not […]

Mumble, Mumble

February 13, 2009


There was an episode of Sex and the City in which Carrie discovers that Big has replaced her with a younger woman — Natasha is 26 years-old and screams “I am PERFECT” in droves. The following episode depicted Miranda becoming immensely upset when she runs into ex-beau Steve after he pragmatically dumped her. Both of […]

Living Undenied

February 8, 2009


This past week was full of lovely goodness. I managed to file for unemployment, sort out some financial items, and get packages in the mail. The snow has melted substantially; enough that I could open the windows to release the stale house smells and to draw in fresh air. Adding the couple of WIPs (works […]

Is Love in the Air?

February 4, 2009


Not sure about anybunny, but there is another meme going around Facebook where the writer answers a series of questions with one word. The talented Laura of “Sugar Bunny Boulevard” fame had tagged me first, and thus I must put my words to the test. Meanwhile, I have a recent photo that I snapped of […]

Handmade Bunny Love

February 2, 2009


With all of the immense activity in my oh-about-200 groups on Ravelry, it is a wonder that I was able to co-hostess the swaps for the “Bunny Lovers” group. We have had two swaps in Fall 2008 and Winter 2008. Both have been quite successful because no angels had to fly in and send rescue […]