Rhinebeck: My First Experience

Posted on 23, October 2007 by

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I spent this past weekend walking my legs off at the Duchess Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, New York. The weather cooperated, and everyone was met with beautiful skies and sunny warmth. Reflecting back on those 2 days, I did have some fun, though I think that Rich was miserable. I know now that I should have driven up alone without him.

Seeing on all the blog posts that everyone had a great time at Rhinebeck depresses me because NOBUNNY I normally talk online to would say “Hi” to me. Here I was in a “I’m a Square” tee-shirt, and almost everyone that supposedly is my friend in blogland treated me like dirt in person. At least the few awesome online folks who did not look at me like I just stole their yarn when I introduced myself are really are cool in person. Namely, it was mostly the folks on Ravelry who know how much work I do on there. It also did not help that my husband kept reminding me how Stephanie did not seem to care that I came to see her.

I start crying whenever I think about this whole bit. I promise to get the good memories altogether and write about them later. Meanwhile, I need to stop bawling during my lunch at work. =:8

Update: OMG. Thanks in lots of bunny hugs for all the kind words! You all are so great. There is no way I can stay down in the dumps now.