Happy Rhinebeck Memories

Posted on 29, October 2007 by

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WOW. I am stunned at the comments in the last post. Thank you to everyone who gave warm thoughts and hugs to cheer me up! Yes — the folks I saw, greeted, and hugged are (I refuse to use past tense because that is not true!) absolutely wonderful! I have the great photos to prove that, and am slowly getting them uploaded to my Flickr.
To sum it all up, here is some bit of Saturday…

Meeting the folks in Blogger Bingo:
1st group, bright and early!2nd group metDr. Mel, my first squareMeeting Liz, my super cool 2nd square!
And finally, note that Sharon (who is behind me) ended up sending over a photo of my socks!
Tres haute, n'est ce pas?

Seeing folks in the Mid-day Meetup:
Left view of the crowdMiddle of the crowdRight view of the crowdRavelry Helpers!

A couple of special pals who allowed to be photographed:
Danielle - A Swim in KnitsFemiKnit Mafia

Getting our Tee-shirts:
Waiting for shirtsJess and some pals

Some of the Ravelry Party:
One group of folksAnother group of fun-loving folksAn amazing crowdThe sweet Dame Wendy

More photos of the Stash and Sunday in the next post! =:8