The Patience of a Saint

Posted on 28, September 2007 by

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Go ahead, beat my head with an iron skillet. I have been a VERY BAD blogger for neglecting Bloglines and for not writing since 10 12 (YIKES!) days ago (last Sunday). There is an excuse though, and now that they are finished and packed to be shipped off to their recipient, I can go do some desperately needed household chores and knit more on my other projects. 😀 Because I have been buried in everything but blogging, I figured it be best that I go by the dates. However, that is going to take forever.
NY Sock Exchange
In the next post, I have a very overdue “Thank You” to make to my Secret Pal Spoiler. The very cool package arrived over a week ago, and though I did e-mail a private thanks, there is nothing like having photos taken and lots of happy smiles in a post. =:8