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The Patience of a Saint

September 28, 2007


Go ahead, beat my head with an iron skillet. I have been a VERY BAD blogger for neglecting Bloglines and for not writing since 10 12 (YIKES!) days ago (last Sunday). There is an excuse though, and now that they are finished and packed to be shipped off to their recipient, I can go do […]

My Favorite Place

September 16, 2007


Everyone has that one place to hide away from the world. For me, it used to be my back deck until the carpenter bees took up shelter in the railing. I used to love sitting back in one of our lounge chairs with a ball of yarn in one cup holder, a glass of an […]

Knitting for Others

September 11, 2007


Sometimes, Life pulls me toward directions that are unexpected and nowhere in my scope. My schedule is disrupted, and timelines are delayed. In the back of my mind, there was an urgency to remedy hurts in the past. These old wounds had allowed the righteous vengeful side of me to rise up and lash out […]

A Week of Busy-ness

September 4, 2007


How time flies when you are having fun! Last week was such a blur, but I will do my best to be as descriptive as possible. Let me start the week with Tuesday night where I had stopped in to visit Knitters Nook in Johnston before the PetSmart Adoption Center’s bunny session. I had wanted […]