Going Crazy with Being Busy

Posted on 9, June 2007 by

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Whew. Ravelry has me in its grip, and it has been taking whatever time I would normally be reading/writing in the blogging world. Though I am not writing all that much, I have been facing the fact that I keep amassing stash that I really should think before purchasing. To help myself recover most of my expenditures, I am attempting to post on the Destash Blog, but it has been extremely painful for the server to accept entries. Besides putting the yarn under the “Trade/Sell” tab on my Ravelry stash, I am creating a “Pushing Stash” page with all that I am selling for everyone’s access. Feel free to check out the list, and let me know if interested in purchasing the yarn. I am willing to discount according to combining multiple purchases. Shoot, I would even take a reasonable offer at this point. I just need to thin out my “collection” and get out of SABLE status. 🙂

Now, gotta get back to knitting and Ravelry some “catch up” sleep… Next time I will have more info on what happened since my last post and what I have been making. =:8