Freedom of Speech Should not Support Bad Taste

Posted on 22, May 2007 by

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Just a quick blurb to state a comment about a poorly created on-line flash game I first heard about on RealTechNews and confirmed on Yahoo. I refuse to link to the game itself, but if a search on VTech is done, one would find a video game that puts the player as the shooter in the massacre. The game writer states that he understands Cho because he himself was picked on. Ha. So was I, but I learned how to deal with it by making something of myself. I felt the best revenge was being successful, and gosh darn I am doing my utmost! I had mentally promised that I would not write a response because I know how hot I can get. I could easily put both feet into my mouth. That does not mean I will discourage anyone else from writing… All I can say is, “UGH. WHY???”

On a much-needed lighter note, I did play with the PetSmart bunnies tonight, but forgot my camera. Sampson, Lady Lightning, and Bethany can be found on the SBRR Adoptees page or on SBRR’s Petfinder page. I figured out that my allergies are kicked up when I sweep up spilled cat litter or when the cats are brought out to the potential play/bonding area and no sweeping was done afterwards. My sniffling and (lack of sneezing) tonight proves it. At least I could still breathe when I left tonight. 🙂

Sampson reminds me of my Julius in so many ways. Beside coloring, his sly and sneaky mannerisms combined with the “I am so cute” charisma make him a very adoptable guy. Lady Lightning is also another sweetie. The silly girl kept trying to check out the cats, who tried pouncing at her through their bars! Visions of having to explain why a bunny was split open plagued me the entire time she was out. As for shy Bethany, she will become a laid back bun who will open her heart when she gets a forever home. Cross your fingers for these rabbits. I wish I could take them ALL home. Hmmm… Would the divorce be worth it? 😉

Finally, I have been tagged by Debbie, Mish and Sarah with a couple of Memes. Here is the first. The second (what have I knitted?) will be on a later post.

    7 things that you may not know about me

  • The towelwarmer in my bathroom is my equivalent as that first cup of coffee when I wake up. That appliance is my favorite gadget from all the wedding presents I received! After not using it while away on trips, when I get back to RI, that first morning shower feels decadent.
  • Tostino’s Crispy surpreme pizzas are my favorite frozen pizza. No idea why. Richie actually figured the best way to bake them: 450F for 10 minutes. I use the convection setting for extra crunch.
  • I wear colored contact lenses over my dark brown eyes. Back in 2001 when I had to get a new prescription, I jokingly asked Richie what he thought if I had colored lenses. His answer: “Get the purple ones. They would look so cool on you!” Since then, my eyes have been lavender, grey, green, turquoise, and for my wedding day — sapphire blue. I used to match my eyes to the outfit, but now I try to offset the colors (blue against black, lavender against green, grey again brown, etc.).
  • To write a post can take me from two hours to a whole week. Besides the usual weekly track, I often have topics in my head that I want to discuss and throw out to ponder. If I include photos, I expect at least another two hours to trim, edit and upload the photos to my Flickr. I am amazed that I can write at all.
  • Photography and surfing were my passions during senior year in high school. If I had the time and money, both would be fighting with knitting and my Mustang for attention. At the moment, knitting is the most portable and fitting with my current line of work timewise.
  • I rarely drink cola and if I do, it is specifically C*ke. I prefer sweet tea, root beer, and Fresc*. The only time I crave C*ke is usually the day after I have had too much to drink. Reason is because back in VA Tech, I had an ACM poker night where I drank draft beer with root beer schnapps and later vodka with Mountain D*w. When I opened my fridge to calm my next day hangover, all I saw was a case of IBC and Dew. ‘Nuff said.
  • I have a neat collection of model trains in the Z, N, HO, and O scales. Richie has mostly N and G scale items. One day we hope to take a part of our side yard and turn it into a nice garden railway.
  • Okay. Time for bed! =:8