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New Beginnings

May 31, 2007


Last Friday, during my walk with Ken, we spotted a luna moth on the tar pavement. Ken was telling me about his new job in North Carolina’s Winston-Salem area. He had been one of the few employees I have worked alongside that I can consider a friend. I will miss our banterings between our departments, […]

Freedom of Speech Should not Support Bad Taste

May 22, 2007


Just a quick blurb to state a comment about a poorly created on-line flash game I first heard about on RealTechNews and confirmed on Yahoo. I refuse to link to the game itself, but if a search on VTech is done, one would find a video game that puts the player as the shooter in […]

Finding Time to Spare

May 20, 2007


“Hola” my friends. Offered to all is a gratuitous bunny photo of Zydeco spooning Jessica Bunny. Feels like it has been forever since I last wrote. Granted, I have been busying away on projects on both personal and work levels. I still have no reason to neglect everyone. While home, besides my parents and Ace’s […]

Giving out Karma with Knitterly Things

May 10, 2007


My apologies for not posting as planned. While I was at PetSmart on Tuesday evening, one of the cats went a little too close to my face. Usually the RI SPCA cats have a bit of dander so I try avoiding them. They are so friendly and cute, I just wish I could play with […]

Goodies, Yarn, Bunnies, and… an Auction?

May 6, 2007


The last half of the week has been an absolute whirlwind. Wednesday I worked and was too exhausted to attend “Walk and Knit” at Borders. I should have known my long-winded day would become better with all the pretty sky all around me. (If my sky photos seem a bit tilted, it is because I […]

Bunny Hugs

May 3, 2007


Please take a moment and give a virtual hug to another blog-knitter buddy. Tina is going through a bad time with a nasty breakup, and she needs support down in Texas. Thank you!! I always find the links between memories and our physical senses completely fascinating. On Monday I had gone to the cafeteria to […]