Hope with Music and Bunny Love

Posted on 29, April 2007 by

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The painful grief last week was doubled with the dismal skies and constant deluge. When the rains lifted on on Thursday, my healing process began, and the heavy welts stopped hurting on Sunday night. I can gladly state that the past few days have been very positive in my emotional baggage department. On Monday afternoon, I attended the wake of Daniel O’Neil. I was able to let his family know that they were all in the New England Chapter of Virginia Tech Alumni’s prayers, and that we will be thinking of him during our memorial service.

Later that evening, I met up with my fellow alumni in Boston outside the Trinity Church. We had a somber candlelight ceremony filled with prayers and hopeful thoughts. We then released 32 balloons to symbolize each of the murdered victims. During all this time, Richie made for me the ribbon on the upper right-hand corner of my website. The 33 stars represent the 32 victims with their families, and also Cho’s family. We both agreed that they should not be excluded.

Coming home from Boston on the commuter train, I met 2 kids who are competing in a “Battle of the Bands” contest. Their excitement brought a smile to my face because it reminded me how it was like to be young and not worry about heavier responsibilities. And as I promised them, please check out their website. I do hope they make it with that hard edgy sound!

Speaking of music, my sister pointed me in the direction of “Forever Changed” which was written by a VA Tech alum and has been playing across the country and pop airwaves all over Virginia. The words “We’re all Hokies today…” are solemn in their depth, but the melody is sweet and catchy. If interested, a hometown station, Eagle 97 has it available. And in case my sister is reading this post, I will say what I could not text-message to her phone: Thanks for the awesome song. It is a GREAT ballad! I am sharing it with other Hokies as we speak… 🙂

Now on Tuesday, the latest arrivals at Petsmart were kiddies whom I had handled before: grunty growling Kerri, shy Jack, and the twosome of Nikki and Mac. I have their photos somewhere but have no idea where I put them. I know, I really need to start posting more often!

Meanwhile, as I try to find the photos I took during the baseball game hosted by Boston College against the visiting Virginia Tech Hokies, I will leave you with a recent chat conversation I had with my DH, Richie, on the idea of spending the night when Stephanie the Yarn Harlot comes to WEBS at Northampton, MA. I think many will agree with my Richie’s logic…

    [17:07] Kimberly: http://yarn.com/s/events.html
    [17:08] Richie: ?
    [17:08] Kimberly: the Harlot event next month.
    [17:08] Kimberly: they are offering discounts for those who want to spend the night.
    [17:09] Kimberly: only $85
    [17:09] Richie: $85 you could spend on yarn
    [17:09] Kimberly: lol
    [17:09] Kimberly: that’s a great idea… 🙂
    [17:09] Richie: rather see you do that than waste it in a room

Is that too funny?? Next time, I will fill everyone in on what I have been knitting! =:8