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Representing a Rockstar (Part 3 Details)

March 27, 2007


During the day, I could not help but peer around like the tourist that I am. I have not been in NYC since December of 1999 when Rich surprised me with a day-trip to the city. One of the “touristy” photos I allowed myself to take was en route to Whole Foods from Rockefeller Plaza. […]

Representing a Rockstar (Part 2 Details)

March 26, 2007


With still recovering sore feet (Guido, do not say another word! 😛 ) I am continuing on with the fab-U-lous day of March 22nd in NYC. A quick note on the Today Show, Jessica from JessuLu Knits and Spins had mentioned that Meredith is a knitter. Because of that reason and that she also happens […]

Representing a Rockstar (Part 1 Details)

March 24, 2007


Before talking about THE DAY KNITTERS OVERTOOK NYC, I drop down on my knees and ask forgiveness for not posting any adorable adoptable bunny photos yet. I searched my bags and realized I left the card reader and the camera at home. Sorry! I do have one photo of Caesar begging for food. I am […]

Work before Representing

March 23, 2007


I know that I owe a LOT of tales for the happenings this week. It seems like yesterday I was asking Guido what he thought of us going on the Today Show with a banner about knitting. It seems like this morning he contacted me about WEBS sponsoring the banner. Now it seems like the […]

Representing Takes Time

March 17, 2007


If my co-workers never thought I was a “crazy knitter” before, they definitely do now! All last week the developers whose software application I test were in town. Each day was spent reviewing new changes, revamping current processes, and running them for the better. Each night was spent for team-bonding: Monday was Boston Billiards, Tuesday […]

Trying to Breathe, Work and Knit

March 14, 2007


With my eyes bigger than my stomach, I really have bitten off more than I can chew. Since I last posted, a bunch of miniature items have sprung into huge projects. My weekend was consumed by Sock Madness’ initial “time” round. I began knitting the given “Mad Cow” pattern at 7AM-ET on Saturday, stopped for […]