Finished Mittens and Finding Bugs

Posted on 17, February 2007 by

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Before I forget, here are the statistics for Mike’s Mittens.

    Pattern: Manly Mitts Knitty’s from Summer 2005
    Yarn: Berroco’s Softwist Bulky (black) & Filatura di Crosa’s Love (grey)
    Tools: bamboo US3 80cm circulars (Magic Loop)
    Dimensions: I would have to say as per pattern’s smaller size
    Pattern Notes: Ran out of black yarn for the rest of the thumbs, reversed the ribbing for the cuffs (did K1P2 instead of K2P1)
    Would I knit it again? Definitely. I have yarn put aside to knit another pair or two later. At this moment, socks are calling my name.

With showing the stats for my Project Spectrum 2‘s grey colorway, here are the other 2 stars for this PS2 month: blue and white. Conveniently I did not have to look far for a project. The above crocheted gem is the baby blanket for Rich’s gaming buddy in Seattle. Though I did not finish the blanket earlier today, I wanted to photograph it in the beautiful sunshine. It awaits fringe at the ends with bright white cotton yarn. Here are the quick statistics.

    My own Pattern: chain 62, decrease stitch each row ending with SC
    Yarn: 2-1/2 skeins (250g) Panda’s FDK (denim tweed) with 1-1/2 skeins (9oz) Red Heart’s Plush (denim), partial cone (about 50g) of white Sugar ‘n’ Cream cotton for fringe
    Tools: birch Q hook
    Dimensions: 30-inches wide and 40-inches length (not counting fringe)
    Pattern Notes: I am thinking I should have chained 64 instead of the 62
    Would I knit it again? Of course! The next one is going to be a rich dark green tweed for another friend who is expecting next month.

After wrapping up Mike’s mittens and Seattle Daddy’s blanket, I had been obsessing on what to knit up next. Though the gift Clapotis is waiting to be completed and does have blue and grey, I wanted to cast on for Sock a Month Knitalong 3. Looking at my checklist of to-do projects, I realized that I never picked out a pattern for my niece’s request of purple socks. She wears a size 2 shoe, and I think if I knit up Cookie’s BFF with the smallest size, they will fit her perfectly. I consider this knit my warm-up practice for the upcoming Sock Madness. The challenge during the weekend is to finish this pair by Tuesday morning. Normally I would say Monday night, but I will not start on them until late tomorrow. I have to finish the blanket and a few girlfriends are meeting up for brunch and a movie. EDIT: I forgot to mention the NASCAR Knitting!! Please check it out and let me know if interested. Thanks!!

Something interesting about a very NASTY bug I found on the New Blogger: as soon as someone (in this case, ME) updates to New Blogger, Bloglines’ links break for certain Blogs and the user needs to delete the RSS feed and recreate it. To top it all off, I had to rack my brain to recall everything I entered after saving this post while my network connection broke. UGH!!

Before checking out my Saturday Sky photo for a neat item, here is a question to ponder: Why is it a package sent to Sweden last weekend arrives at its destination faster than one sent to Australia the week before? No idea? Me neither!! =:8