Gracious GOOD-ness!!

Posted on 6, December 2006 by

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I am glad a number of you participate in charity knitting. I am guilty of knitting alternately for friends, family and charities. My in-laws seem to dislike receiving handmade items because wool is itchy and knitted items too warm (sorry, mute point so we cannot go there). So I figured that I can get fibery goodness out to those who would, namely my own family members, local friends, and different charities. For the holidays, I am thinking of making a few items, then donating them to charity in memory of somebody else. Here are the two headbands that I knitted tonight after “Walk and Knit” with Helene and Lorena. We had a nice time walking around Garden City. These ladies are true friends. Both let me photograph them in the shopping center’s gazebo during the windy jaunt. As for the simple pattern, here it is. Using a US13 16-inch circular and holding a strand of worsted-weight mohair and a strand of acrylic together, cable cast-on 36 stitches, knit 7-8 rows (whatever is the preference) of K2P2 rib then bind off in knit. Voila! you have a great kid-sized headband that only took minutes to make. Also, cast on 35 stitches to make a totally different pattern. That one works too! As you can see in the photo, I can make more from that 98-yard skein of sage Filaro, which I will do as soon I get a chance. 🙂

I seem so scatter-brained as of late. Because I am scared to put away all the WIPs lest I forget to finished them, I have a number of incredibly naughty WIPs strewn across my favorite knitting spot. Each one seems to call out and beg me to work on it. Oh, and how naughty are these WIPs? I have been either standing up next to the chair or sitting on the couch to work on them. “Wicked, bad, naughty” WIPs! (Think Monty Python’s Holy Grail) 😉 Oh, and it does not help that Rich baked cookies while I was at work today. Here is what is left after our devouring them. Sorry for the dark photo, but that is what happens whenever I decide to photograph things before getting ready for bed! The milk bottle is shown for scale.

There is another thing that I can be delighted about. I won something (Gracious GOOD-ness!!) on Carole and Margene’s “Knit Unto Others” from Scout’s Swag! I received an e-mail from Carole telling me that I won a $20 gift certificate to Scout’s online store. The neatest things are over there, so it may take me a bit to decide what to choose. I do know that if I used the amount for yarn, I would probably get tanned, so I better not. There are some really cool measuring tape cases, hmmm… Meanwhile, keep on knitting (or spinning as in Robin’s case — I hope you are resting yourself young lady!), and I just may show what else I have been WIPing for some special folks. =:8