Being Selfish?

Posted on 3, December 2006 by

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Sorry for such a late post. Had an issue with the laptop tonight. 🙁 Many thanks for the compliments on my Holiday Meme. After last night’s outting with my former team from Fleet Bank, I decided to knock out some gift items, and I just finished one of them tonight. It is supposed to match the socks I showed you all in my last post. For now, I have photos from last night.

I actually started this morning with a shot of the backyard trees. You definitely know it is winter because the neighbors’ houses can be spotted through our miniature woods. (Please click the left-hand photo to see what I am talking about.) I also was able to photograph the project I really wanted to finish today. Notice the measurement of the hat by clicking on the right-hand photo.

If you can figure out my lack of hands, I shrank the measurements a little too much for my nephew. Guess you figured out what happened next. Yup, lots of croaking for this one. No idea why fair isle bores me now because it did not for the other Vinter Lue I made, but I need to get this finished ASAP!

Despite not being able to work on my nephew’s Vinter Lue, I did finish my second square for Comforting Jenn, the matching hat to the last post’s socks, and began another gift that must be a secret for now. I thought about making a couple of squares for another “Make a blanket for charity” KAL, but have second thoughts about the whole bit.

Unlike Warming Grace, Papa’s Quilt, and the other charities I am knitting projects for (Ryan’s Dulaan Project, Norma’s Red Scarf Project, and Sarah’s Dutchicans Project), this “charity” requires that high-end yarns be given, with the requirement being silk. Plus it looks like I must not be trustworthy, because the person who started it emailed me a message that I needed to show her what they looked like before she gave me the address on where to send them. I find it hard to stomach such demands for a blanket. Please consider that we have to live solely on my income until Rich finds work. Also, I had to sell my hard-earned stash (most of it was literally my pay for working at a now-closed yarn shop) in order to go back home and for the latest month’s bills. It is so disheartening that the yarns in my stash are either the wrong fiber content or color. The whole matter deflates me. Am I being selfish for being so frugal? Jessi and Zy could care less. All they want is for me to leave them alone for their morning snooze! =:8