Annual First Sentence Meme for 2006

Today was a busy one for work, and yet that is all can truly say due to the fact that I dislike mixing work topics (though I really do love what I do for a living!) on my site. However, after work was another story. 😉

This evening I did my weekly volunteer cleanup at the Johnston PetSmart for Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue. We have a program that allows potential adoptees and unsocialized bunnies to meet folks outside the rabbit shelter. Actually, all I needed to do was let the bunnies run around and work with them on being handled. Needless to say, I cuddled with each of the four rabbits. Feel free to click on each photo to see a short description of these babies!

Okay, this post title is not an original idea from me. I “borrowed” the whole post idea from Femiknitmafia. It does make me realize how much effort I put into the title rather than the first sentence! Ooops!!

Instructions — Copy the first sentence that you posted in each month of 2006. Post it in the following format:

Sometimes you gotta have some laughs.

I think the store was pretty busy yesterday at RA Yarns.

Tuesday evening, Rich and I visited Pam, the Bunny-Whisperer, at Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue to see if we could find Caesar another buddy to hang out around the house.

Today is April 1st, which means that I start my diet on the Stashalong.

Howdy folks!

When Helene and I arrived for yoga yesterday, we were met with a surprise cancellation.

Yesterday after the oil change before embarking on the big drive, I stopped by Lacewings to see if that blue hank of Tilli Tomas’ Simply Heaven was sold yet.

Hel-looooooo AU-GUST!

Thank you all for the kind words about my hand.

Note: I apologize that this entry was created when I did not have internet access.

Currently I have been chugging along the Running Rabbit’s birthday shawl.

Sorry for such a late post.

Note: August is my favorite. =:8

9 thoughts on “Annual First Sentence Meme for 2006”

  1. One of those bunnies has the same color as a Saimese Cat. They are a serious looking bunch except for the brown one that looks sad. That meme looks like a bunch of work, heh. I just noticed you have a lot of birthdays to celebrate this month. Yikes, how do you keep up?

  2. My gosh, I *so* adore these little bunnies – the cuteness!!! I actually fell in love with Gigi – if I’d just lived a little bit closer… 😉
    And wow, what an interesting meme – I agree, August rocks! 😉

  3. Those little bunnies are adorable!! And the meme is so fun . . . I’ll have to delve into my archives and post my first sentences too. :)

  4. My partner and I have actually been talking about getting a rabbit. He is allergic to cats though, and while that obviously doesn’t mean that he is allergic to rabbits, he also hasn’t been around one long enough to see if that would be a problem. What would you recommend? We probably won’t be ready to let a bunny into our lives for at least 6 months yet, anyways since I would want to have the best possible environment ready first.

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