A Wonderful Surprise from Denmark

Posted on 16, December 2006 by

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Today, I finished a couple of items to go with my Saturday Sky. However, I can only show one of them. So I will tease you with just that single item. 😉

As for my wonderful surprise? I received a very cool Christmas present from Jette, my friend in Denmark who recently gave birth to a son. The bag was placed on my desk this week from the “Big Boss” in Denmark. Jette’s cheerful message greeted me when I walked into my cubicle and sat down. Before I had a chance to thank him for bringing it, he was in all-day meetings then whisked back to Kolding. 🙁 Of course, I had to photograph the bag’s contents, and share the photos. How is that for a teaser? Better yet, I think I need to work on my Danish a bit more. =:8
Edit: Oops! I knew the photo of the bag’s contents should be bigger! If you look closely, the included pattern is in Danish. 😉