Nothing Gold Can Stay

Posted on 25, October 2006 by

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Lately I have made many references to the leaves changing from their summer green to autumn shades. The transition reminds me that nothing lasts forever, whether it be good times, blue periods, or boring episodes. So here are some tangents on the topic.

  • I must be a progress knitter, because I do enjoy the rhythm of a pattern, particularly lace. After the project is knitted up, the honeymoon is over with having to block and weave in the ends. If the item is a gift, then a new honeymoon is created from seeing the delight in the recipient’s face. Strange how I seem to live for that emotional roller-coaster.
  • Another amusement ride is now over. Rich’s 6-month contract job which began a month ago is now over. The abruptly end was due to the contracting company’s being bought out two days after he started. His only hope for coming back would be if a fellow co-worker transfered to green pastures elsewhere in the company.
  • In my chocolate stash, the little Crunchy Praline Chocolate Bar with its Danish origins is no more. Despising anticipation, I finally broke down and ate the lovely morsel!
  • The Hokies football season has been disappointing. These kids are acting like brats on and off the field. Even though the team used to lose when I was at VA Tech, at least the players were not as arrogant as the kids today! What a let-down after those golden years of good sportmanship.

To celebrate the “all things must end sometime” theme, I am going to dish out some goodies. Not quite a contest, just whoever is my 500th comment. Good luck! =:8

EDIT: Thanks for the well wishes on Jessica Bunny. She is still sneezing ever few minutes. Besides doing a full disinfection of JB and Zydeco’s living area, we are going to change the hay she had been eating (for over 3 weeks!) and see if that makes a difference. If no effect, she will have to be knocked out and have her sinuses cleaned out. 🙁