Giving Feels Great

Posted on 18, October 2006 by

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Lots of giant “thank you” hugs to all of you. Reading your comments made my day! To celebrate, I gave up four things today. I could count what I put in one of the packages since it was part of my chocolate stash, but I shall spill the beans.

The first item given was obviously the bag of clothes I set aside last night. I dropped them off at the HR office before I went into my side of the building. Funny thing about the donation, none of the HR employees knew about it, and some even told me that no such e-mail existed! Boy were they surprised when someone popped his head up and said, “Oh yeah. I remember a memo being sent out now.” Geesh! Scary, eh?

The second set of items I gave was in a little package for the lone American, Soul Glo, who lives in Sweden now. She had surgery recently and I have been wanting to send her some goodies to cheer her up. In case she is blogging about, all I will say is that her goodies are American. 😉

The third item was included in the yarn for another Blog Buddy. She had missed the BKOAC so I sent her some blue fibery goodness that she missed out on. I sure hope she likes chocolate, and if not then maybe Wifey or Little Man (tee-hee, that’s Rich’s nickname for Zydeco!) will be happy to take it off her hands.

The fourth item for today? Blood. I forgot that there was a Blood Drive today in the building, so before lunch, I forked out a pint of my red stuff. Best part? The gentleman handling my donation said that if I wanted more cookies and juice to come back later. Giving always gives back to you, and that feels great! =:8

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