Being Forgetful and De-stashing

Posted on 9, October 2006 by

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Here I present my set of pink mittens for Sandy’s “Warming Hands KAL” and for Eve’s Pretty in Pink contest.

Now that I have knitted up a couple of pairs of mittens, I think I need to work on something else for a bit to destash my ton (would not be surprised if it really weighed that much) of yarn. I have been so wrapped up in many recent events. So much so that I forgot about a charity knit that I had signed up for earlier this summer! Immediately seeing my error, I have added the large button to my sidebar, and I hope those reading can help out.

“Warm up the Dutchicans” began to help out fellow knitter Kristi of “Red Dog Knits” who is expecting triplet boys in January. I know how overwhelming it is with a newborn, but imagining it threefold? The stress from that image made me ponder what to make. Socks, hats, and blankets immediately came to mind. What I may do instead is pull out a Creative Knitting magazine and use one of the only patterns that I like from them: baby bath ponchos. I plan to use Lily’s Sugar ‘n’ Cream for the yarn, and hope the different colors will help distinguish one son from the other during bathtime. To make the bath set more challenging to make, I am going to add a matching washcloth. If I have enough time, a pair of booties to go with each set. Wish me luck!!

On a more somber note, Dr. Dianna and Shelley have been rounding up spinners and knitters to help the Amish women who lost their daughters in that horrific shooting. The goal is to spin black yarn into plainly knit shawls for every mother, grandmother, aunt, and sister of those girls. Since they already have their knitter count, if any of you spinners can help them, I know they would be appreciative. Charity knitting is all about sharing a piece of ourselves, and I hope that in a point of our lives we all can share in some way shape or form. =:8