Are my WIPs Producing Bad Mojo?

Posted on 17, October 2006 by

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Hobbies are supposed to be fun, not tasking. I remember when rugby became a chore and not a release. Knitting this weekend felt the same. I have been slacking on everything in so many ways. I keep pushing off the task of packing up my excess clothing for fellow employees affected by the typhoon in our Philippines facility. I have had no drive to cook or bake since Rich lost his job a couple of years ago. My WIPs pile keeps getting bigger, and I keep forgetting to send out promised items to friends and family. With the holidays fast approaching, I need to get on the ball and finish a LOT of things!

Besides what is mentioned above, here is my list of to-do’s that require immediate addressing:

    update my Sidebar with my monthly Neopet choice and phrase
    finish and send out Anita’s knitted goodies
    send out the “Please get well” goodies to a Glowing Soul
    send out the blogging goodness to a fellow BKOAC friend
    begin addressing the holiday cards and writing the letter accompanying them
    finish at least 3 WIPs in the rice basket
    finish Jennifer’s birthday present by Saturday the 21st
    post Rasha’s letters up on this site on her own page

Guess which one I am obsessing over doing first? Well, I did get one knitting FO accomplished over the weekend — the 1st bath poncho for the Dutchicans. There would have been two FOs, but I had a slight issue with the second project.

After surveying my stock of needles and finding my Plymouth Bamboo circular set (much joy in the house!), I had realized that my only size US4/3.5mm circular needles were tied into that last leg of my Amazing Lace project. After deciding to finish the bottom-up camisole once and for all, I started knitting away when the poncho was done. There is now a slight problem with the WIP. No, it is not the fact that the needles are not in the project anymore. You see the area of stitching from the top of the 1×1 ribbing and the bottom of the second lace pattern? In my early Saturday morning stupor, I had knitted the pattern in the incorrect order for about 4 rows. I did not figure it all out until I laced my lifeline and knitted another set of repeats! I think that is a pretty good sign that bad mojo is alive and well, so I spent some time thinking how this negative karma started and I realized that it boiled down to my being angry and frustrated.

Wait… Angry and frustrated? At what? The lack of time for knitting, my struggle to schedule fitness into my life so I can keep eating what I love and still lose weight, discovering family members who could care less about you, and the biggest one of all — being stuck in a job that may be easy, but can be quite boring, then unable to get one matching your drive and the appropriate goals that you seek.

I have been frustrated at being left alone as an island at work again. The lack of physically being part of a team is taking its toll on my mental health. Since the only web developer that I work with in the office had left for better pastures (I am really glad for him too!), I am only in contact with folks via instant messaging, e-mail, and the occasional phone call. Just when I started feeling depressed and sorry for myself, I realized that I had a lot going for me.

There is always someone worse off than yourself. Today, I became inspired by a young woman’s story on her fight with breast cancer. She was just 30 years-old when she underwent a double masectomy. After the additional treatments of chemotherapy and radiation, she discovered that her body was menopausing. Devastated at not being able to conceive, she and her husband decided to adopt. She and her husband willingly share her story with their students at the schools they teach. What I was able to take away from her is that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Even though she could not have a baby, she could still be a mother. I decided that even if my personal mountains are just foothills to others, I must take the first step and walk each step surely and with definition. So did you figure out what I did tonight yet?? If you said packing up the clothes, posting Rasha’s letters, and working on Jennifer’s birthday present, you were correct! Small steps, remember? =:8