A Picturesque Irish Wedding in Vermont

Posted on 5, October 2006 by

With all the storminess that happened on Friday and Sunday in New England, not one cloud shed a drop of rain for Lisa and Jason’s wedding on Saturday. Before the festivities began, Rich and I had visited the Stowe Fabric & Yarn shop, checked out some of the rolling hills, and forced my little Civic up a mountain. All these items were shown in the last 2 posts, so my next photos are all about the nuptials. I apologize in advance for the poor lighting. Because I have not had a chance to tweak the photos, I made the judgement call to present them as the little digital Pentax saw them. See if you can find the “Children of the Lir Stole” that I knitted up for Lisa. 😉 As always, please click on the smaller snapshots to see the larger sizes. =:8