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A Jumbled Mess Turns Good

October 31, 2006


Monday was quite a manic one. First my company was bought out; second, Rich reported that when he heard a bunny sneezing fit in the Kids’ living area, he turned around to console Jessi, but it was her bun-mate Zydeco (His Little Man, and my Angry Ewok). Yikes! At least on Halloween night I have […]

Browsing on a Windy Weekend

October 29, 2006


I did it! I finished my first lace sock for the Mystery Sock KAL. Now I need to make sure I knit the second one identical to the first. Thankfully I inserted notes within the pattern while knitting it, so wish me luck on getting an FO ready for you by Monday. And if you […]

“Obsession Is Normal”

October 27, 2006


Recognize the title quote? After finishing Jenn’s Swallowtail Shawl, I had to work on at least one WIP. In my case, that means any projects I am in the middle of, or had balled/frogged yarn. Whenever I start thinking of the project-in-hand, the obsession begins, and the tidal wave engulfs me. The best thing to […]

Nothing Gold Can Stay

October 25, 2006


Lately I have made many references to the leaves changing from their summer green to autumn shades. The transition reminds me that nothing lasts forever, whether it be good times, blue periods, or boring episodes. So here are some tangents on the topic. I must be a progress knitter, because I do enjoy the rhythm […]

Finally, a Post!

October 23, 2006


I know, I know, I know. 🙁 I did not post for Saturday on my usual schedule, but I do have a couple of Saturday Sky photos to show you. I am sorry and I apologize with lots of gusto. I had good reasons though, so I think you will forgive me. First and foremost […]

Giving Feels Great

October 18, 2006


Lots of giant “thank you” hugs to all of you. Reading your comments made my day! To celebrate, I gave up four things today. I could count what I put in one of the packages since it was part of my chocolate stash, but I shall spill the beans. The first item given was obviously […]