My Wonderful Pals

Posted on 10, July 2006 by

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Thank you all on the warm bunny thoughts for Jessi. But I have something to tell you all. I have some amazing swap pals. They are patient, kind, and gracious — especially when I forget to publicly thank them right away for their awesome packages. Now that I am (kind of) caught up from being away on my STL business trip and my fun trip home for the family, I must admit that I did a major oversight for not posting the beautiful hank of soft handspun yarn that Kelly made for me in the Project Spectrum Hand-Dyed Yarn Swap. And in case you are curious, that Swap was created by talented Zarah who has kits already made up for those interested in dyeing yarns.

The softness of this sock yarn is so incredible, I am tempted to make a Diamond Fantasy Scarf out of it! I think the colors would look great too. And of course being the kind person she is, Kelly also sent me a bag of Lindt truffles (which are already gone!) to snack on. The best part of this package? It was waiting for me when I came back from Saint Louis. (Sigh) Yes, I have been THAT distracted! Please forgive me Kelly for not posting about your package sooner. 🙁

My next round of thanks goes to my Secret Pal 8 Spoiler. While I was away in Virginia Beach (I think you all like sending me packages when I am away!), her package arrived here in Rhode Island and welcomed me back from home. The card is absolutely beautiful.

Besides the really cool yarn, ZDL sent me knitting notecards! I am looking forward to including these in my gifts along with the pansy stickers she sent last time.

She also sent some a great smelling soap, a fun picture frame, a cute little bunny pin, and a bunny stamp with ink! Is my Secret Pal cool or what?? And by the way, the chocolate was eaten quickly by us. Thank you very much ZDL!! =:8