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Stolen by a Scarf, Pirates, Steaks, and Mulligans

July 31, 2006


I have very BIG “Thank you’s” to everyone for your awesome support and kind thoughts! I hope everyone also had a good weekend. Saturday did make up for my depressing Friday. I knitted Sir John’s scarf from morning until 2PM during Star Trek, and with Sunday’s additional work, all I need to do is picot […]

Back and Somewhat Better than Previous

July 26, 2006


I wanted to take a quick opportunity to post during lunch today. Thanks to seeing the doctor on Monday, I am feeling better than I did over the weekend. How much? Well enough so that I was finally willing to knit last night! What you will see in my next blog entry is the final […]

Long Slow Saturday

July 22, 2006


There were a couple of good highlights today, but today was still a bit dreary. The weather reflected how muggy and hazy we felt when we tried to help Mom move to her apartment. The capillaries in my lungs feel like they are bursting (I cannot get rid of the taste of blood when I […]

Unable to Dye when Trees are Falling

July 19, 2006


As usual, I have been busy with yarn (mostly knitting), work (giant corporate software system rollout this week beginning last night with my stuff and more tonight at 8PM-EDT), and home stuff (you will see!). Some of the shots since this weekend I am about to show you might sadden you. (Well, they did for […]

Taking Care of Business

July 16, 2006


So much has past in the last 3 days. On Friday, we had a lot going on project-wise, so I missed the Software department picnic. The one issue that has been going on for us brought the vendor on site during that afternoon, and we were taking advantage of it, well him really. But since […]

Up to Something? Me?

July 13, 2006


After finishing a number of projects this summer, I figured I better start some sort of WIP and FO list before I forget everything I did. Better yet, I will include the pictures for what I have not written about yet to boot! Here is the stuff I have yet to write about… The above […]