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Hating IE and Distractions as Grace Kelly

May 13, 2006


For those who are die-hard users of Mozilla’s Firefox browser like myself, finding out that your website looks like absolute CRAP horrible in Internet Explorer is frustrating when you have to fix it. So my apologies if any of you are seeing broken images and slow download times for my website’s pictures. To distract you […]

Alohas Chasing Rain –> Heavy in Pictures!

May 13, 2006


Since coming back to work on Tuesday, the weather has been wet and cold. I am still grateful that the warm days occurred when I was on vacay. Last night during dinner, after hearing about how slow my site was in download time, I cleaned out the sidebar except for the KAL and non-Bloglines buttons. […]

Walk, then Knit

May 12, 2006


An introduction to an idea… This knit-along group was inspired by Kimberly at The Giving Flower and Project Spectrum founder Lauren at Lolly Knits. Kimberly began the “I’m fit and I Knit“ group which Lauren read about and is participating in. Lauren lost 39 pounds since February from Kimberly’s encouragement. Her push to go to […]

Bunny Sweater

May 9, 2006


Found a very funny link in Cute Overload. The original site is HERE. If you think about it, making clothes for bunnies would be another great way to combine my 2 non-Richie loves of rabbits and yarn! Please consider me inspired to make one for each of my little ones… And on that note I […]

Yarn for the Bunnies and Martha’s New Kid

May 8, 2006


A bit of news to share on what I have been trying to attempt. I have a lot of stashed yarn. I want to help the unwanted bunnies at Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue. My solution: sell off whatever stash I can on eBay to raise money for the furries! I have been able to sell […]

Back in the Saddle – WARNING: Long Post with Pictures

May 5, 2006


Hey there! Bet ya thought I was going to stop writing for good, huh? Here is the quick (okay, not so quick) and dirty lowdown of the long weekend for you all after we dropped off the bunnies at the petsitter. And on Friday, I received my Project Spectrum postcard from my partner at Matzah […]