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Weeding Works!

May 30, 2006


Geesh, I must have some Freudian slippage going on. I had to correct myself and re-type the title from WEDDING to WEEDING about a number of umpteen times! Well, there are 2 weddings happening at the end of summer, so maybe that is it. Meanwhile… Last night, I decided to move my knitting chair from […]

Relief from Obsessing

May 27, 2006


Since Rich told me that my sidebar was completely ruined in Internet Explorer, I decided to take drastic measures and pull up the working backup file. Unfortunately, that meant going back a few weeks, but after working last night and all this morning, my sidebar is back in business! Gosh, I REALLY loathe IE’s difficult […]

A 3 Squared Bunny KIP in Waterplace Park

May 24, 2006


I finally sent out my squares to Jamie for her Papa’s Quilt. And instead of knitting up the planned 2 (1 cable and 1 lace square), I decided to knit up the “feather and fan” swatch to see if I liked the pattern for the socks I designed in my head. The result? You need […]

Losing One’s Head in Lace

May 20, 2006


No, I am not talking about Christopher Lambert’s duel from spouting about a warthog, but I am currently upset with myself for misplacing a couple of items: the postcard for my PS-May partner and my stitch markers. I bought the postcard at a gift shop on the way back from Virginia. I thought it was […]

Take a Deep Breath, and DIVE

May 18, 2006


Tonight (Wednesday night) was the first “Walk, then Knit” meeting at Borders. We had 4 of us total — a perfect test number before all the announcements start bringing others into the group. Cathy, Helene, and Lorena joined me around 6PM at the Borders Bookstore Cafe. While Cathy and Lorena sat the walk part out, […]

Just an Update

May 16, 2006


A little quickie for you guys… I am working (well, Rich is helping me out) on a logo for letterhead and a button for “Walk then Knit” night. The good news is now we are on the Garden City Shopping Center’s website for events. Soon enough we will be on Borders Books’ site also. And […]