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Hayley’s Story and Work Stuff

March 30, 2006


I have been meaning to write about how Hayley and her siblings came into our lives the week of Easter, 2004. It was just over a month before our wedding when the “South County Seven” melted my heart. I had started writing this entry when Hayley crossed the bridge, but was not been motivated to […]

A Stolen Meme

March 28, 2006


I need: more TIME Sex: female (last time I checked) Relationships: important Your Last Ex: not worth mentioning except he was an extremely passive-controlling unhappy man who was verbally and emotionally abusive; basically a ticking bomb Power: networking gets you into places; knowledge lets you stay there Marijuana: anything drug-related is NOT my cup of […]

WIP and Bunny Rabbit update

March 25, 2006


The baby sweaters and Namaste are coming along. I still need to sew up Andrea’s kimono, and I have to bind off the back of Simon’s cardigan and begin the rest of the pieces. I am not sure if I like how the kimono is setting, but I think blocking with help it lay correctly. […]

Revealing items

March 21, 2006


Neat news for me and my Secret Pal. She actually lives in a city near my hometown of Virginia Beach. I had revealed myself to her today in the online birthday greeting I sent her. Part of the reason was because the birthday present I also sent had my name on it. Also the practical […]

Feelin’ like a Sunday

March 18, 2006


Because I had yesterday off for my FIL’s burial, Rich and I made today one of relaxation and laid-back fashion. Well, more like I did the relaxing part, since he worked on Squirrel Cart stuff. I worked on my kimono sweater for Per’s future daughter, Andrea. And after ripping it out a few times last […]

My very awesome Secret Pal!

March 16, 2006


For some really cool news, my Secret Pal is an absolute LOVE! Her box of goodies arrived on Monday, and that night I carefully opened the package up to find 2 gift bags stuffed with yarn, needles, vanilla-scented items, a dark chocolate bunny, and of course bunny treats. 🙂 **Please note, there are a good […]