I’m Dreaming, of a White… Bunny!

Posted on 9, December 2005 by

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A reminder to me, need to show my support and spread the word on Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue’s “I’m Dreaming of a White Bunny” adoption campaign.
Sweet Binks Annual Adopt a White Rabbit Campaign

Lots of folks seem put off by albino rabbits. Little do people know is how intelligent and amazingly hilarious these white bunnies can be. I can readily attest to that fact with our 2 inhouse clowns, Hayley and Caesar.
Caesar waiting for food
Caesar is our chubby (Feed me, I’m STARVING!! Really, I am!) helicoptered ham, while regal-looking Hayley always looks like the perfect Easter bunny model (I am bea-U-tiful, so pet me please!).

Hayley posing without knowing she is a model

Both never cease to make Rich and I laugh with their antics of bouncing around between the dining room and the allotted space in the living room for us humans.
Who would ever thought my husband and I would be sharing a home with our house-rabbits?
By the way, a REALLY cute link using rabbits in advertising: Telus Mobile. =:8

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